Single-point lubricators often work behind the scenes as they frequently supply individual lubrication points that are not easily accessible. The splash-proof BECHEM Lubricator 125 minimizes wear and reduces maintenance-related downtimes of machines and plants with a constant, automatic and on-demand supply of grease or lubricating oil. Furthermore, it increases occupational safety by reducing the frequency with which hazardous and hard-to-reach areas are entered, thus reducing contact between people and machines or hazardous substances.

Accurate dosing of lubricants helps to prevent work areas from becoming contaminated with lubricant. The BECHEM Lubricator 125 is particularly suitable for roller and plain
bearings, chain drives, seals, ropes and open gears. Important areas of application include conveyor belts and assembly systems, e.g. in the automotive industry, conveyor chains in the timber industry, and machinery and equipment in the food industry. For the latter, which is a particularly demanding sector, the BECHEM Lubricator offers three top products that are all halal and kosher certified: the high performance lubricating oil Berusynth 220 H1, the high performance grease Berulub FG-H 2 EP and the universal lubricant Berulub FB 34-2.