New product.

Coolant product range, free from boron and formaldehyde release agents.

Chemicals and chemical products are part of our everyday work and private lives. Since 01/06/2015, application of the CLP ordinance regulating classification, labelling and packaging of substances and compounds has been binding in the EU and EEA for compounds. Hazards and risks emanating from chemical products are being reclassified in accordance with this provision, and where necessary being labelled with new hazard pictograms, even when their formulations and hazard potential remain unchanged. The CLP ordinance will contribute towards attaining higher safety levels and improved processes in the global trade, transportation and application of chemical products.

Some users of cooling lubricants see additional overhead however, such as for additional training and occupational health and safety measures. Accordingly, the market is increasingly calling for label-free process media, such as products without boric acid or formal-dehyde releasing agents (FAD). BECHEM is responding rigorously to the consumer requests and is continually enhancing its powerful product program with a focus on high levels of health and environmental protection. A long while back before the CLP ordinance came into force, BECHEM pointed out that cooling lubricant compositions can be formulated without FAD.

The new process media free of boron and formaldehyde releasing agents emanate from the classic “BECHEM Avantin range” and the new Berufluid cooling lubricant concept. 2011 saw the innovative Berufluid technology win the first German Raw Material Efficiency Award. In cooling lubricant development, this milestone is deemed the initial impetus behind sustainable lubricant development.


Forklift fleet with sustainability.

The forklift fleet at all three plants has been switched over to new electrically-powered fork trucks. Around 60 Linde forklifts of different models have been purchased. Deployment of the latest electric technology means the logistics area is making a contribution towards environmental protection, higher cost-effectiveness and sustainability at the plants. The ergonomic design and ease-of-use of the new forklifts is having a positive impact on safety at work, and is increasing levels of motivation and efficiency.

Product detail.

Lubrication power for the cold of Siberia.

To its open-cast mining customers in Russia, BECHEM is supplying High-Lub LM 2 EP grease for the summer and High-Lub LM 0 EP for challenging deployment in winter. Low temperatures are often the ultimate test for lubrication greases in belt conveyor systems and heavy-duty plant equipment such as excavators, dumper trucks and large bucket-wheel excavators. BECHEM products exhibit impressive, excellent low temperature properties, and so outstanding conveyance capability in central lubrication system pipes, some of which are very long.

Specifications on the lower usage temperature limits of lubrication greases from Russian suppliers (to GOST) are not comparable with lower usage limits to DIN. In some cases, it was possible to verify that greases having lower usage limits of -60°C according to GOST could be used no lower than -40°C (as per DIN-specified Kesternich method).

Project partner.

BECHEM project partner at “Environment Week” fair

7 and 8 June 2016 will see the fifth “Environment Week” fair take place at the Bellevue Castle in Berlin – by invitation of Federal President Joachim Gauck and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). Of far more than 600 submitters, 170 projects from the fields of climate protection, energy, resources, transport and construction have been put forward to participate at “Environmental Week”. Quality, innovation, model workability and implementation potential were the main factors taken into account for selection by the jury appointed by the Federal Presidential Office. BKW Kältetechnik from Wolfschlugen near Stuttgart is one of the companies selected. BECHEM is the project partner. In category “Mineral oil-free, energy-efficient machine tool”, water-based lubricants from BECHEM play a central role. Together with hydraulic experts at the Bosch Rexroth Group and machine manufacturer Gebrüder Heller, BKW Kältetechnik, the WZL machine tool laboratory at Aachen Technical University and BECHEM are working on a highly efficient machine tool solution with which just one BECHEM fluid can be used for the different fluid circuits.

Cathodic dip coating.

Beruform process media for sheet metal forming.

Power to sheet metalworking with downstream cataphoretic coating. Armed with a complex additive concept, Beruform forming media from BECHEM are mastering demanding forming operations in sheet metalworking. The processes of downstream cataphoretic coating are not impacted. Beruform products with CC approval as per the VDA guideline are compatible with the standardised cleaning processes. The forming media in the Beruform product family perform demanding die-cut, precision blanking and deep drawing operations – all with an excellent price-performance ratio and less impact on the environment. The products can be used in numerous forming processes in which chlorine has before been deemed an essential component. Beruform products offer excellent corrosion protection, and lower disposal costs are a stand-out feature. The next trendsetting step towards discerning sheet metalworking which uses resources sparingly is the innovative Berufluid SC 6503 forming concept – with no mineral oil, chlorine or sulphur.