Incorporation in Mexico.

The stunningly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Querétaro is located in a well-connected economic zone, no more than 220 km (a 2½-hour drive) to the northwest of Mexico City. Many international car manufacturers and suppliers have operated plants in Querétaro and other Mexican industrial centers for years: VW has been active at its Puebla site since 1964, for instance. In 2016, Audi became the first premium manufacturer to start production in Mexico with its Q5 series, which prompted the establishment of many other plants  by a wide range of high-tech suppliers. The automotive competence of Mexico has reached a new level. It is likely that Mexico will be expanding its car exports to European and Asian markets considerably.

At the start of the year, BECHEM established its fully owned subsidiary, CARL BECHEM MÉXICO Lubrication Technology S. de R.L. de C.V., in order to respond to a long-term increase in demand for high-tech lubricants. “The incorporation is a consistent component of the BECHEM and NAFTA strategy of providing customers with products and improved service on location,” Dr. Heide Hundertmark, explains. The Managing Director has long-standing experience in the automotive supply industry and worked as a Key Account Manager for Ford at Kirchhoff Automotive in the past. “Carl” extends its best wishes to Dr. Heike Hundertmark and her young team.

Dr. Heike Hundertmark
Managing Director, CARL BECHEM
México Lubrication Technology
S. de R.L. de C.V.