An initial 29 BECHEM products have officially been certified to ISO 21469. The certificate according to ISO 21469 rounds out the existing H1 certificates for the aspect of “hygiene requirements”. ISO 21469 is an international standard for lubricants, regulating not only hygienic requirements for lubricants themselves, but the entire production process, including production, handling, packaging and storage. The certification also requires a strategy for the selection of hygiene-related measures that is based on a risk assessment.

The ISO-21469-certified BECHEM H1 lubricants support food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers in complying with the strict hygiene requirements that must be observed in the manufacturing of food and pharma products, and they serve as material documentation for lubricants that have to be procured in the pharmaceuticals industry in accordance with the requirements of GMP (good manufacturing practice).

You can find a list of BECHEM products certified to ISO 21469 at the following link: