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The GFS Group is linking German forging expertise with the Chinese market. BECHEM is involved.

Made in Germany is also a promise of reliability and quality in China too. So German forging expertise is much in demand in the “Middle Kingdom”. BECHEM is a member of the GFS Group and cooperates under this name in China with Sack & Kiesselbach, Dreher Automation and Ferrostaal. The GFS Group introduced itself to interested visitors for the first time at the “China Forge Fair Conference” – in September 2015 in Shanghai.

A number of different production steps are necessary for the production of massive formed parts in cold, semi-warm and warm processes. Many companies are therefore involved in the new installation of forging lines. For the forging industry, this means time-consuming project coordination with many interfaces to the various manufacturers.


On the Chinese market too, BECHEM lubricants are making a key contribution towards the cost-effectiveness of processes.

For this reason, four German companies and business partners of many years’ standing represent the powerful GFS Group (German Forming Solution Group), and offer the Chinese market a solution. From the initial feasibility study on the definition of processes right up to the development and realisation of turnkey systems, including tailored financing and corresponding after-sales service, all services required are offered coordinated from a single source.

The Chinese market is benefiting from the cumulative expertise of German quality manufacturers and the international experience of the GFS Group with Dreher (automation), Sack & Kiesselbach (hydraulic press systems), Ferrostaal (industrial services and financing) and BECHEM (lubrication technology).

Andreas Wächter, application specialist for massive forming at BECHEM, and responsible for the Asian market, is a co-initiator of the GFS Group. 

CARL. How was this idea for the GFS Group born?
We were present as individual exhibitors at the international “MetalForm China” fair in autumn 2014 in Beijing. The idea for cooperation to assist the Chinese market was born over a traditional Chinese dinner we had together discussing our experience with the Chinese market.

Made in Germany for Made in China – German project management is in demand.

“We offer our Chinese customers their very own all-inclusive packages with impressive value-add.”

CARL. What is so special about what the GFS Group?
The cooperation between medium-sized businesses with many years’ experience in forming makes the GFS Group an interesting contact for the Chinese forging industry. The Group is able to respond flexibly on the market and offer customers an attractive price/performance ratio.

CARL. What is able to address the Chinese market?
Turnkey solutions with clear-cut communication channels and secure financing are in demand by the Chinese market. The GFS Group satisfies these requirements and offers everything from a single source – from product idea, process development and custom production line to all necessary services and after-sales service.

In Asia, the waving cat beckons luck and is considered to bring good fortune.

CARL. How do you see the future of the GFS Group?
Massive potential and opportunities are open to the GFS Group. We are benefiting from joint marketing activities and our annual presence at China’s largest industry fair for massive forming, MetalForm China. Also, every one of us will be taken more seriously as a partner for market expertise in the future. An interesting time with much explanation and consultancy effort lies before us. But the initial success shows the necessity of our cooperation, which will certainly be exemplary for other countries and markets.

Write to us if you would like to learn more about the GFS Group or our lubricants for massive forming.